Welcome to Mount Loft!

Welcome to Mount Loft Digital Publishing! A brand building and digital arts & crafts store. We’re here to help you reach the peak of your creative and business potential.

As a solo creator, I built this platform as a creative outlet and to flex my entrepreneurial muscle. Mount Loft is about providing a wide variety of quality digital products. With a focus on brand building and creativity, this is a perfect place for independent creators like myself to find tools that will help them put their stamp on the world.

Just the Beginning

Our Canva templates are great for building social media influence with a consistent look and feel! Our SVG graphic library is great for finding flexible building blocks to create your logos, banners or even as print-and-cut crafting designs! This is just the start of our journey, as we have plenty of product ideas we can’t wait to implement. There will be plenty of reasons to check back with us as we build our catalog!

Plans for the Future

The possibilities are endless for the future of Mount Loft! Planned products for the future include stock photos from local photographers, sound bites for movie and game project, online courses for different graphic design software, e-books and more!


Have ideas for products you’d like to see? Or just want to give us some constructive feedback? Visit our contact page, and we’ll be right on it!

Thank you for visiting Mount Loft, I hope you enjoy your visit and check back with us as we grow!