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About The Author

James Quinlan was born & raised in eastern Massachusetts in the Greater Boston Area. He is an avid video gamer, hobbyist programmer and a wannabe entrepreneur. With no standard degrees James has spent much of his free time exploring unconventional paths to spiritual and financial wealth. While being employed full-time in a less than satisfying career it is The Village Idiom project that he hopes to cultivate as the first stage in creating his own brand.

This unique project is a niche that combines his interests in philosophy & history with his need to analyze, learn from the wise & more successful among us. Contemplating the adages passed down through time and considering their wisdom so as not to repeat their mistakes.

The author currently lives with his girlfriend Shannon, her mother & sister, their Terrier Ollie, Parakeet Janice and Chinchilla Honey-bunny

Shannon is a valuable contributor and of course constant critic. She is also Co-creator of a Work In Progress podcast that will be a companion to The Village Idiom.

Hope you enjoy the blog! Any feedback is welcome & appreciated.