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Chewing the Fat: The Village Idiom Updates & Author Ramblings

woman holding newspaper at a cafe. The Village Idiom

Welcome to chewing the fat! Where I give updates on the posts I’m working on as well as ideas for The Village Idiom. Or even just random thoughts and ramblings to let you know I’m still here! Especially on those less productive weeks…


October 22, 2021: Hello again! It’s so nice to see you after… another… long hiatus. Well I am still here and as a gift to apologize for my absence I’ve posted two NEW articles just today! I hope you enjoy reading about the origin of the proverb, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. As well as the adage one step forward two steps back.

Again, my goal is to keep these articles fairly short, but dense! At least until I reach that one hundred article goal. At which point I will go back and expand each one with more in depth knowledge, as well as properly linking them all together to connect historically related idioms and figures. We’re almost there! Current article count stands at 89!

October 22, 2021: As for why I’ve been off the radar for so long. I have started a new project, as usual, always biting off more than I can chew (OO did I write that one yet?). This project is actually an online store! Mount Loft is place I can use as an outlet for my art, an interest I’ve been neglecting for years.

Mount Loft is a purely digital store where my current products are cut files for use with machines like the Cricut or Silouhette Cameo. Great for personal crafting but also available to be used to sell your homemade products yourself!

Now rest assured I am in no way planning on abandoning my first baby. In fact! I’m hoping these two projects will support each other. While they are pretty different in subject, I would love to do things like release village idiom themed designs at Mount Loft.

Ultimately when the store takes off, I would like to look into hiring an experienced writer to work on The Village Idiom. Obviously they would have to understanding and excited to keep my vision of the page intact!

But who knows what the future will hold, we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m just glad to have you here along with me. Until the next, hopefully more frequent update. Peace!

July 13, 2021: Soooo… how’s it going folks! Been a little while. I am excited to inform you that I am now settled into my first home! It’s been a crazy month or so, but I am now in a better position than ever to focus on independent projects like this blog here. After a very long hiatus (apologies) I am hoping to start posting more frequently again.

I did quietly post one article Looks Can Be Deceiving shortly after I moved in and just now a second post of Loose Lips Sink Ships. I hope you’ll find them informative, and fun!

Articles will be short, sweet and to the point at this stage. My goal is to reach 100 idioms before going back and expanding on them. After reaching 100 articles, I plan to go back to each one and enhance them considerably.

Enhanced articles will feature a significantly extended origin section with potential secondary origins. They will also include a pop culture reference section with examples of the idiom used in movies, books and other media. Finally, I will include a list of links to related idioms based on how they relate to each other.

Ultimately, I would also like to sign up for an affiliate program, so I can offer specialized recommendations on e-books that expand on each idiom’s history.

March 18, 2021: Well, so much for frequent updates! :/. I just uploaded Jump the Gun after a longer than usual break, if you want to check it out. I was being fairly successful at uploading at least an article a week, but I believe it’s been the better part of two now. Furthermore, I do want to let you all know that unfortunately it’s going to be a bit of touch and go here for a little while. I am in the process of (hopefully) buying my first home, and it’s going to consume my attention for the next few months. That doesn’t mean there will be NO content, but it is definitely going to be less frequent. I hope any fans out there can bare with me at this rocky time until I can find my footing.

On the bright side! I also started a second site, I hope to launch soon! Biting off more than I can chew as usual… that project is going to remain my little secret for now and is not directly related to this one, but there will be overlap. At the very least, I will try to update this post more frequently to keep you my visitors in the loop until I can start pumping out regular content again. Until then, carpe diem and au revoir!

February 28, 2021, part 2: To start! I have recently published Johnny-Come-Lately, with ‘Jump the Gun’ and ‘Keep your Friends close, Enemies Closer’ in the works. This is to continue my trend of getting roughly five idioms per letter in the idiom library. Also, I am almost done creating a Google Sheet for internal linking all my published pages together! This will give readers the option to, for example, see other idioms related to William Shakespeare! Or other animal idioms! I wanted to model site links similarly to TV Tropes. Stay tuned for more updates!

February 28, 2021: I’ve come to realize, although, The Village Idiom is still only keeping a small audience from day-to-day. It seems I do have a small following of RETURNING visitors. This firstly… is totally awesome, and I appreciate everyone who checks out my blog! But now I feel it’s important to give more frequent updates to let visitors know things are moving along… slowly. So In between my idiom posts, I will plan on giving smaller updates here!