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Crossword Puzzles

Welcome to The Village Idiom Crossword puzzles! Fill in the grid with words that best answer the puzzle with the corresponding number. Remember all answers are based on common proverbs and sayings. If you get stuck you can check the answers at the bottom.

Festive Equines

1. You never want to look this festive ranch animal in the mouth
2. It truly is the spice of life
3. This nigh invincible warrior had one weakness below the knee
4. keep the physician away with this sweet treat
5. damned if you don't damned if you do, you'll have this with a 22
6. a fool often has trouble keeping his grip on this necessity
7. this canine part might help cure your morning after woes, but not for long
8. many of these can make your heavy workload suddenly light
9. a picture can be worth a thousand of these
10. the guilty may find their hands have turned this

Crossword Answers
  1. GiftHorse
  2. Variety
  3. Achilles
  4. Apple
  5. Catch
  6. Money
  7. Hair
  8. Hands
  9. Words
  10. Red