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Crossword Puzzles

Timber Steed

1. Close counts only in hand grenades but also in these.
2. You lie and lie and I can see that you cry for this furry animal.
3. You may spite your face but removing this would be irony indeed.
4. Late a day can also make you short a this.
5. This type of horse can be viral or just have oak siding. Knock on it's side, you may hear what it's hiding.
6. To command a situation is to grab this by it's horns.
7. To say you can solve this with a companion, is to say two of these are better than one.
8. damp cloth, never fun at parties. two words
9. When a bad situation seems to hold something of bliss, you might say that it also has a lining of this.
10. Shooting fish in here? can't be easier than that

Crossword Answers
  1. Horseshoes
  2. Wolf
  3. Nose
  4. Dollar
  5. Trojan
  6. Bull
  7. Heads
  8. WetBlanket
  9. Silver
  10. Barrel